About Us:

Our team is comprised of former roofing industry executives, brand designers, website designers and SEO Guru’s. We have hand selected our group to ensure that we have intimate understand of a roofing companies daily trials and tribulations. Our team members have been a part of very successful roofing companies at the highest level.

Our Goal:

Working with progressive minded companies looking to build a sustainable business through utilization of brand management and comprehensive marketing strategies.

chris_linderOur Story:

RoofingBrand.Com was founded by CEO Chris Linder. Chris was raised in small town Minnesota. As the son of a roofing contractor Chris learned everything about roofing and exteriors.  After studying business and construction management at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Chris went on to work for Lennar Homes, one of the largest home building contractors in the world.

It was not long before he realized the importance of brand presence and marketing would be the keys to success in an ever changing digital world that we live in. Chris took his knowledge to the streets of Denver. He became a “storm restoration salesman”. Having never worked in sales before Chris soon realized his talents and potential for success in the roofing industry. Using his business experience and construction knowledge Chris quickly moved through the ranks of a large Denver, CO based roofing contractor. Along the way advancing his marketing and branding skills. Chris became a growth & acquisitions manager and was now buying, re-branding and selling roofing companies across Colorado and eventually the western region of the US.

With a track record of success in the roofing industry Chris found himself with an opportunity to move back home to Minnesota to became the Director of Operation for a Top 25 roofing contractor overseeing all US location. Chris was intricate part of systems development, workflow stabilization, sales force development, sales process integration, marketing and brand management/development.

RoofingBrand.com leverages the experience of it’s team members. We beleive that we have been a part of all the decisions that a roofing contract makes. We like to think that we have made the mistakes for you so now let us show you what really works. Our systems have been developed to reduce unnecessary costs that are typical when trying to grow a company to the next level.

We have designed over 200 successful websites in the industry.

RoofingBrand.Com is a vertically intigrated brand management and brand development company. We focus on the the company first then stratigize bringing that company to market. We believe a company must first have a manageable brand in place in order to be effectively marketed.

RoofingBrand.com Brand. Market. Build

RoofingBrand.com Brand. Market. Build