BMW the ultimate driving experience

Brand Image

Your Brand Image is the aesthetic appearance of your brand’s promise and performance. Communicating your brand’s promise consistently will result in creating your brands image thus allowing it to grow organically from there.

For example, BMW consistently offers top performance, styling and exceptional engineering through its ads, events and dealerships. It is the ultimate driving experience. The BMW brand image of luxury and quality has grown organically from those consistent experiences.

A brand image is an intangible part of a brand that evolves as consumers experience the brand and develop perceptions of that brand and the brand elements that represent the brand such as the logo, signage, slogan etc.


Brand Imagery

What hits the senses? Basically anything that you can see, touch, taste, smell or hear and is associated to a particular brand is that brands Imagery. What exactly does that mean? For example: What color is Owens Corning Insulation? What does ESPN sound like? What does Starbucks smell like? What does Coca Cola taste like? What does a new pair of Nike’s feel like?

The goal is to pull the right imagery together to make a connection with your target audience. Having consistent brand imagery in place promotes brand feelings. When your brand is capable of creating feelings within a consumer it now has the ability to resonate within them and that is when buying decisions are made. Brand. Market. Build Brand. Market. Build