Brand Management

What is your companies identity?

All companies start with a vision. Most roofing companies just want to offer a good product/service for a fare price. We understand that what makes your company the best isn’t always enough to get you noticed. Brand development is a multi billion dollar industry for a reason… It’s what puts businesses on the map.

The most common brand mistake is consistent. Even if don’t have the most visually appealing brand it should be consistent. A disjointed brand is confusing to your audience and sends mixed signals. will give your company that coheasive professional look that you have always wanted.

A Logo Is Not A Brand…

Don’t worry, you can keep your logo! Your brand is what describes you. It is what people recognize you as. Most roofing contractors typically use their logo and a picture of a very nice home to identify their company. Listen closely people… THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! You need to use the building blocks of Branding. (insert building blocks pyramid)

We Understand The Branding Needs Of A Roofing Contractor…

RoofingBrand.Com is built from roofing executives who have been a part of every aspect of the roofing industry. We know what it takes to build a quality roofing brand. We have done the heavy lifting let us save you the time and money building your brand.

Our Process Is Simple…

1: Explore


  1. Interview key management
  2. Research stakeholder’s needs and perceptions
  3. Conduct competitive evaluation
  4. Evaluate existing marketing materials and strategies Brand. Market. Build Brand. Market. Build