21 percent use digital directories as their primary source for information.

Roofing contractors are always asking me why their companies don’t show up on digital directory listings websites. This can be a difficult thing to understand for most companies. While it is no different for a roofing company than any other business to get listed, I have noticed that roofing contractors seem to be lacking in this area of marketing.

With hundreds of local directories now posting business information online, it can be difficult for busy business owners to find the time to submit a directory listing or make all the necessary updates when their listing information changes. Some experts have estimated that it could take a merchant more than 100 hours to submit content about their company requesting a listing in the most popular directories.  An addition 13 hours or more to individually submit updated information to all the most popular directories when the company changes address or phone number. As a solution, a number of business owners are seeking listings management services such as Roofing Brand offers.

Directory listings are a key component for effective online marketing and brand building. We at Roofing Brand like referring to directory listings as a “localized search”. When a potential consumer is looking for something in their area they typically have a preferred “app” to use. Although the type of product they are in search of may determine which app they use, all app’s use geographic location as a key optimization component. The app will search for companies offering what a consumer is in search of using the users location.  Companies listing their services in digital directories have an opportunity to not only be listed but to display content about their company and show pictures of their products.  The more content and images/videos in the listing the more likely a product is to be at top of the search.  Companies who want to  be listed in these directories typically have 2 options depending on the individual directory.  Most directories have a basic free option to be listed  and an enhanced business option that has a small fee.  You can also do paid advertising on some of these app’s to get premium placement.

We recommend finding a digital directories manager for your company and here is why.  There are more that 100 directories out there and keeping track of your company on all 100 is about impossible.  A directories manager will typically have custom built software that will allow them to manage your companies listings.  The problem is that you have to be consistent with your listings across all directories or it will confuse searches and hurt your companies rankings.  Choosing a directories manager with knowledge of your industry is important as they know how to list your company and achieve high rankings among the competition.

The absence of directory listings is a major back breaker when it comes to SEO for a roofing company.  Directory listings are a direct path for consumers to find out more information on a company and to show legitimacy outside of a website.  Directory listings are todays yellow pages and when taken advantage of can be the biggest difference maker a roofing company has to stand out in the crowd.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way for companies, specifically multi-location businesses, to connect with consumers who are searching online for local goods and services. Local SEO allows businesses and consumers to intersect at various moments in the decision path, making the consumer aware of a business, leading that consumer toward more information and eventually toward a final decision.

According to MOZ, 50 percent of local SEO ranking factors are tied to local directories, making them the largest single factor that can impact rankings. Local directories are also one of the most popular places where consumers search for information about local businesses. While 53 percent of people turn to search engines, 21 percent use digital directories as their primary source for information. Business utlize local digital directories to improve local search engine rankings as well as reach consumers who actively search through digital directories.

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